Asisto - Tables and cupboards for every office

Contemporary office furniture needs to satisfy an extremely wide range of  requirements: they need to be future-proof, functional, variable, flexible, modern, have a linear design – and of course they must be attractive both in terms of look and price.

Asisto by C+P is a leading product in all of these areas, and also offers you added value that is “as strong as steel” and that you can only get from C+P: the Asisto cupboards with their innovative steel carcass feature convincing technology and a  winning design. Asisto is the intelligent integral range from the market leader for steel furniture.

Perfect interplay.

Asisto tables, cupboards and pedestals are furniture that harmonise beautifully together. They feature not only a coordinated design, but also one and the same colour and material concept. This produces furniture as though from a single cast – with a wide range of possible model variants.
For you, that means: regardless of whether you choose individual items from the Asisto range or would like to combine them all with each other, Asisto is always the perfect choice!

Thanks to the versatility of the Asisto range, you can use it in virtually any environment – from a classic office application to workstations on commercial premises. Asisto is the perfect alternative wherever office work is done and storage space is needed. Made of steel – naturally!

Practical interior fittings:

There are lots of useful interior fittings for Asisto cupboards – from a set of drawers through to a filing cabinet/wardrobe model.

Twice as good.

The classic double workstation truly comes to life with Asisto: organisational partitions, a CPU holder, cable routing, mobile and high pedestals and the space-saving sliding-door cupboards all combine to provide efficient office organisation.

The modern impression, metallic surfaces and the matching colour accents offer a glimpse of endless design options that are only possible with steel furniture.

You would prefer the doors to have a wood look? Or glass? That’s no problem for Asisto! Because the high-quality steel carcass is the perfect basis for various door materials such as wood decor, steel, glass or genuine-wood varnish, which can even be modified at a later date.

More room in less space.

Optimizing space and at the same time motivating the staff – is that not impossible to achieve? Not if you have Asisto

The practical tall pull-out cupboard offers privacy from the aisles and access to all important documents. It is also the ideal place for effective and short stand-up meetings. The acoustically effective wall system, by contrast, absorbs noise and permits attractive and individual layouts. Thus ensuring an optimum combination of concentration and communication, even in open plan offices.

Everything within easy reach:

The Asisto tall pull-out cupboard creates professional storage space
close to the work area: With security compartment, material compartment,
filing drawer for suspension files and binder shelf, everything is within easy reach.


With the Asisto counter solutions, your company can make the perfect first impression on your visitors – and it is well known that you will never get a second chance to do that. You can combine and configure sitting counters, standing counters and sit/stand counters in attractive design lines. Use additional elements to upgrade or convert. And then choose from attractive decors that are also available to you from the Asisto table and cupboard systems.

Bag stand:

The practical bag stand consists of stainless-steel carriers and a satin-finish glass plate.

Add-on elements:

With the add-on elements, you can even subsequently create additional contact points at standing counters.

Fully fledged workstation:

The counter workstation fulfils all requirements in terms of work surface, storage possibilities and power supply.