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Never have dry meetings again! - C+P Möbelsysteme combats bleak conferences with water pouring from walls

Office workers worldwide suffer through boring meetings even though they often already have the answers for "smart" meetings in their pockets. However, the right solutions were still missing. C+P Möbelsysteme, a company that has become a leader in innovation in recent years, has a clear opinion on this subject: Meetings should be fun. And they aren't "cool" until water starts flowing from the wall.

Seeing wet walls typically means that there are burst pipes somewhere. However, with these German furniture experts, it means something else: The C+P climate wall, a market-ready product presented at Orgatec, allows for a completely new, clean way to cool rooms in a healthy and energy-efficient manner. It eliminates all of the disadvantages of conventional air conditioning systems. Furthermore, the C+P system, which is based on a Fraunhofer patent, is truly eye-catching and upgrades the room with its design and functionality.

Chilled water film fights allergies

The advanced concept dehumidifies and cools the ambient air without any bothersome or even noticeable air flow. Furthermore, the chilled water film "disposes of" minor air pollutants such as dust or pollen - a relief for allergy sufferers! And: Initial tests by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics indicate that energy savings of at least 20% result from the climate wall, even if the perceived temperature in the room is the same. It also allows for integrated media technology to be used, even behind the water film. It's a concept with a variety of uses.

Wireless technology with elegant curves

The keyword "integrated media technology" puts C+P into high gear. As the first European manufacturer, they integrated the first wireless charging module into office and conference furniture with the international "Qi" standard in 2010.

This capacity was consistently developed further at C+P. At this year's Orgatec, the Cegano Meeting introduces a product range that can meet a variety of demands for smart and efficient conferences. From the simple electrification of furniture for video conferences and telepresence to the Cegano SmartTable that works completely without cables. The basic philosophy: Multiple participants meet to view documents, images, or videos together on a screen. Each person has their own end device that they want to use to show their files. Until now this meant: Lots of cables and searching for the right source via TV remote. The Cegano SmartTable, however, is a table and intelligent device manager in one. All it needs is a power source. Everything else works without cables in all current standards.

The SonicWall Smart, a mobile wall with an integrated monitor, is a suitable output medium for the table. In order to interact wirelessly with the Cegano SmartTable, it also merely needs a power source. As a special highlight, these walls are even shown in a curved version with the latest Curved TVs. As you can see: Intelligent technology, good furniture design, and elegant curves can indeed go well together. Orgatec visitors will be fascinated by a multitude of other tech solutions - from the app-controlled coffee bar to the smart multimedia bistro counter with electronic lockers. Everything is smart at C+P this year, not just the executive office or the conference table in the boardroom.

AIDA has the most appealing walls

The youngest C+P subsidiary has news to report as well: At the beginning of the year, bauwandsystem, a partition manufacturer from Lampertheim, Germany, became a member of the C+P Group. Now the new member is presenting the latest solutions for wall systems with a high architectural standard at the C+P booth for the first time. Architects and planners are usually particularly impressed with the frameless glazing. These systems were also well received at the new AIDA headquarters at the port of Rostock. The impressive new building in the shape of a perfect wave features more than 1,000 running meters of partitions by bauwandsystem.

Especially noteworthy: In just a short period of time, C+P managed to integrate its climate and multimedia technologies in bauwandsystem products as well. Some of the results of this impressive symbiosis will already be displayed in Cologne.

It is clear that there will be a lot of exciting things to see at the booth of the steel furniture expert that proudly pursues the motto of "Furniture for people." For Tobias Walter, the Director of Sales and Marketing, this premise rings truer than ever: "First the people, then the products - this must apply especially at Orgatec. We will be among those that leave a lasting impression after the trade fair. This will be the case not only thanks to our products but also the people because a good atmosphere at the fair is one of our traditions, and it is always contagious."


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