Color coatings for steel

C+P offers a wide range of attractive steel color coatings as standard features. Or let us know which particular color you require.

Light gray
RAL 7035

Black gray
RAL 7021

Volcano gray
RDS 000 50 00

Gray metallic
DB 703 smooth

Light blue
RAL 5012

Far blue
RAL 5023

Reseda green
RAL 6011

Color group 0 (no additional charge)

Gentian blue
RAL 5010

Lapiz blue
RDS 270 20 29

Siena red
RDS 050 40 50

Ruby red
RAL 3003

Pearl white
RAL 1013

Light green
RAL 6027

Flame red
RAL 3000

Burgundy red
RDS 010 20 25

Water blue
RAL 5021

Moss green
RAL 6005

Color group II (no additional charge for fronts if the body is color group 0)

Pastel yellow
RDS 095 90 30

Sulfur yellow
RDS 095 90 59

Sunbeam yellow
RDS 080 80 60

Viridian green
RDS 110 80 60

Pure white
RAL 9006

White aluminum
RAL 9006

Yellow orange
RAL 2000

Pastel green
RDS 110 90 20

Gray aluminum
RAL 9007

Sub-frames are always supplied in black gray. Adjustable shelves, hanging frames, etc. are always coated in light gray. Zinc-plated shelves are uncoated. Colors are subject to deviation and do not constitute grounds for complaint. We cannot accept any liability for printing errors or flaws. These color charts are intended solely as a guide to the approximate impression of the colors. For more exact color representations, please consult the RAL color chart or the original samples.

All depicted decors, colors and surfaces are available as standard. Other versions (e.g. for contract furniture) are available on request. For other shades according to RAL or RDS and for “Natural steel”, please also consult us for specific volumes.
RDS = RAL Design System