Research - healthy office design for people

Fraunhofer IBP research project – people in rooms and spaces

"Office design for health, wellbeing, and performance" is one of the topics which the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics is focusing on in its current research projects. Integrated solution approaches are developed together with companies, scientists, office planers and owners, institutes, and agencies in order to combine efficient office spaces and healthy, performance-enhancing work environments into a harmonious whole.

We at C+P are a partner in the research project and have developed, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, our innovative and patented climate wall – an efficient energy concept for healthy indoor climate. 

The intense exchange of experience in the office initiative enables us to examine various main topics such as air, climate, acoustics, and light in order to develop solutions that prevent loss of performance induced by noise and stress while maximizing area efficiency at the same time. We want to create workplaces with optimum conditions for knowledge transfer, creativity, communication, collaboration, or use of technology. 

Fraunhofer research project flow

The first step involves specifying related, user-dependent office workplace requirements such as indoor climate, acoustics, ambient air quality, colors, or lighting. The assessment is carried out by conducting surveys and performing measurements at existing properties. In addition, psychological and building physical methods are implemented in a high-performance indoor environment laboratory at the Fraunhofer IBP, which was constructed specifically for this purpose. This step is accompanied by scientific papers on psychological measurement methods.

The project also includes creating and setting up concepts for different types of rooms and buildings which combine the performance, health, and wellbeing of office employees with the energy, resource, and area efficiency of a property. The object is to find answers to the following questions:

  • How do individual factors such as light spectrum, speech intelligibility, and relative humidity affect objective performance, health, and wellbeing?
  • What linked effects result from this? 

Together with joint partners of the office initiative, the Fraunhofer IBP simultaneously develops planning instruments and product solutions which meet the dynamic requirements of a modern work environment.