VoBa Mittelhessen

Before something new can be created, something old must often give way. That is what happened when in June 2003 room was made for the extension of the service center of the Volksbank Gießen-Friedberg by tearing down an old building on the central arterial road in Gießen. The extension, which was designed and carried out by the architecture firm Rohrbach and Schmees in Gießen, covers an area of 1,830 square meters and will additionally provide approx. 6,300 square meters of story area after its completion. After the conclusion of construction work, several departments of the bank moved into the extension. Thus the advantages of efficient collaboration “under one roof“ can be fully utilized.

Project Data:

Client:Volksbank Gießen-Friedberg
Architect:Rohrbach & Schmees, Gießen
Building volume:29.750 m² (Bauabschnitt B+C)
Gross story areas:6.300 m² (Bauabschnitt B+C)
Construction period:21 months
C+P partner:C+P Objektstudio Rhein-Ruhr, Oberhausen

Light-flooded inside courtyard

A modern office for 105 bank employees was created under this roof. The form and material theme defined by the exterior design runs consistently through the interior of the building. Therefore the character of the building is defined by only a few, select materials and colors.
The building concept is based on two half-timbered office buildings with four stories respectively that are connected by a hall covered with glass. This light-flooded “Forum Volksbank“ additionally opens toward the offices through spacious window elements. The hall itself offers room for a wide variety of internal bank and public events.

Innovative combination office solution

For their room design Volksbank opted for a combination office solution which is supplemented with multi-person rooms for different requirements. In the combination office the cabinet and shelving systems (in single-person offices also the desks!) are mounted on the wall in notched rails.
C+P steel cabinets are perfectly suited for this because they are lighter, more durable and can bear higher dynamic loads. In the organization concept, desks and meeting tables, tambour door cabinets, wall shelving, suspended pocket files, stand-up desks as well as diverse accessories ensure optimum interaction – because each of the 105 workstations was optimally adapted to the work processes of the respective employee.

Middle zone as “marketplace“

The design of the middle zone or “marketplace“ of a work group, which is crucial to a combination office solution, was also carried out by C+P. The furnishings for this technology and communication area included, among other things, wall elements with steel core and DCPB veneering, suspended pocket file cabinets for the group archive, kitchenettes as well as material storage cabinets and safe deposit box lockers.
The result of this complete furnishing product is: the furnishing specialists from Breidenbach – together with the C+P Objektstudio Rhein-Ruhr – made a good job of it again thanks to the integral furnishing approach also used for this business application.

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