The CP laboratory system for schools — a real chameleon

CP LABORATORY SYSTEMS is successful with German engineering expertise and local production

CP LABORATORY SYSTEMS L.L.C., located in Dubai Investment Park II, can look back on nearly 50 years of experience in fitting out laboratories. The result of German engineering expertise and local production will surely impress GESS visitors. And there's more: The space-saving TEC-ONOMIC school laboratory system has the potential to set new standards in the school and university laboratory sectors.

CP sees the product range that it is presenting at GESS as a state-of-the-art answer to current requirements in physics, chemistry, biology or technology teaching. In such cases, different types of teaching must be possible in the same room. Furniture and equipment are needed that can accommodate both standard instruction with scientific experiments. To date, few systems have been available that can serve such multifunctional classrooms. TEC-ONOMIC now provides a solution to cope with all areas of implementation in this area.

The centerpiece of the system is the swing-out lab bench at which up to six students can sit to perform experiments. If instruction is to be given using a blackboard, projector or monitor wall, the bench is merely swung back into the cabinet, and the entire room is again available. In addition, all of the connections of the lab bench are inaccessible.

Standard lessons and laboratory experiments in one and the same room

The principle is very easy: During periods of teacher-centered instruction the tables are arranged in rows or groups so that the students can see the teacher. During this time, the lab bench is hidden in the cabinet, protected and not taking up space unnecessarily. When practical instruction with laboratory experiments needs to start, the swing-out lab benches connected to the mobile tables reveal themselves as quick-change artists. Experiments can be started right away in the same room — of course using appropriate media supply and disposal lines: energy, water, waste water, gaseous and liquid media as well as data and multimedia connections.

State-of-the-art technology, integrated with a view to the future

The system is available in rectangular and hexagonal versions. The hexagonal solution (in combination with the trapezoidal tables) exploits the integrated technical and multimedia options especially well. Each lab bench has up to 5 HDMI inputs which the students can use to connect a notebook or tablet. The students can share information by pressing a button to display the contents of their own monitor on the other monitors or the central class monitor. In addition, each bench has an integrated computer with a touchscreen and a flexible, pivotable camera. The live camera image can also be sent to individual workplaces, the teacher's bench, or to the classroom screen. Wireless transmission of sound and images compliant with current and future standards is also possible.

Many other items of furniture and equipment for laboratories, offices and conferences rooms

In addition to the TEC-ONOMIC school laboratory, CP is presenting further furnishing solutions for laboratories, offices and conference rooms at GESS. Here, too, the unique selling point is the intelligent integration of technological equipment — as well as the fact that CP is capable of fitting out practically all areas of a given building single-handedly. So a visit to the fair trade stand in Hall 4 (Booth C25) is certainly worth while.